How to Cite Republished Book in APA

Citing republished books in APA format requires attention to detail and adherence to specific guidelines to ensure accurate referencing. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to correctly cite a republished book using the APA style. We will provide a clear example to illustrate each component of the citation.

How to Cite Republished Book in APA


  • Contributors: Start by listing the names of the contributors, whether they are individual authors, groups, or organizations involved in the creation or adaptation of the republished book. Provide their names or group/organization names as applicable.
  • Year of Republication: Enclose the year of republication in round brackets. This indicates the year the specific edition of the republished book was published.
  • Title: Italicize the title of the republished book.
  • Editor/Translator: If the republished Book has been edited or translated, include the initials and surname of the editor/translator. Use “Ed.” for an editor and “Trans.” for a translator.
  • Edition/Volume: If applicable, mention the edition or volume of the republished book within round brackets after the editor/translator’s name. Include this information only if it’s not the first edition.
  • Publisher(s): List the publisher(s) of the republished book. If there are multiple publishers, separate them with a semicolon.
  • Original Work Published: Finally, indicate the original publication year of the work in round brackets. This provides context for the republished book’s source material.

Include the Original Publication Year: When citing a republished book in APA style, it’s important to include the original publication year in addition to the year of the edition you are citing. This provides readers with historical context and acknowledges the work’s original publication date. 

Specify the Edition: If the republished book is a subsequent edition (e.g., second edition, third edition), it’s crucial to specify the edition in your citation. This helps readers locate the exact version of the book you’re referencing. The edition information should be included within round brackets after the title of the book, (if applicable). For example, if citing the third edition of a book, it would appear as “(3rd ed.)” after the title.


Shelley, M. (2024). Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus (M. Joseph, Ed. & Trans.). Oxford University Press. (Original work published 1818)
Author Surname, Author Initial(s). (Year of Republication). Title (Editor/Translator Initial(s). Editor/Translator Surname, Ed. &/or Trans.). Publisher. (Original work published YEAR)


When incorporating references to republished books within your text, APA style offers two common formats for in-text citations:

Parenthetical citation: In this format, include the author’s surname followed by the original publication year and the year of the republished edition, separated by a slash in parentheses.  

In-text (Shelly, 1900/2024)
Structure (Author Surname, Year Published/Republished Year)

Narrative citation: Alternatively, you can integrate the citation into the narrative itself. Include the author’s surname, followed by the original publication year and the year of the republished edition, both separated by a slash and enclosed in parentheses only.

In-text Shelly (1900/2024)
Structure Author Surname (Year Published/Republished Year)


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Hannah Berry (Ph.D.)

Hannah Berry has lectured at several colleges and teaches at the WEA. Besides publishing extensively, she has taught citation skills and written multiple style guides.

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