How to Cite ChatGPT in APA

In this article, we will explore the nuances of citing ChatGPT in the APA style, providing clarity on the citation structure, authorship, date, title, version number, and source.

How to Cite ChatGPT in APA

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The format for citing ChatGPT follows a specific structure.

  • Author: Follow the APA format and begin the citation with OpenAI as the author’s name, as they are the creators of ChatGPT.
  • Date: Use the year associated with the version.
  • Title: Italicize the title ChatGPT, maintain consistency with ChatGPT as the general model name despite iterations like ChatGPT-3 or ChatGPT-4, place the version number in parentheses after the title; the version number includes the date following OpenAI’s labeling conventions.
  • Bracketed Text: Use ‘Large language model’ as the descriptor, aligning with the nature of ChatGPT. If referring to ChatGPT-4, adapt the bracketed text based on OpenAI’s description, such as the ‘Large multimodal model’.
  • Source: The URL for ChatGPT is

Consistent Terminology: Maintain consistency in referring to ChatGPT throughout your document, following the preferred naming conventions or descriptors.

Check Formatting Guidelines: Review and adhere to any specific formatting guidelines provided by your institution or publication.

In-Text Citations: When referring to ChatGPT within the text, include the author (OpenAI) and the version year, enhancing readability and contextualizing the information seamlessly.


OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT (Jan 8 version) [Large language model].
Author. (Year). ChatGPT (Month Day Version) [Large language model]. URL



OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Apr 13 version) [Large multimodal model].
Author. (Year). ChatGPT (Month Day Version) [Large multimodal model]. URL


After a sentence about AI research, add the company and the year in parentheses before the punctuation.

Parenthetical For instance, consider the phrase ‘Mia made marvelous music with her machine’ (OpenAI, 2024).
Structure (Author, Year)

When referring to the company’s name in the text, include only the year as the narrative in-text citation.

Narrative For instance, ChatGPT from OpenAI created a melody: ‘Mia made marvelous music with her machine’ (2024).
Structure Author (Year)

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