About TypeCite

TypeCite launched in April 2021 to make the process of generating accurate citations easier and more accessible. Our experts have created a citation tool that specializes in the MLA, APA, and Harvard systems, and our aim is to provide the most accurate and consistent citations across those three styles. 

To construct TypeCite, we assembled a team of specialists from academia, publishing, and education, all of whom felt that citation generators should be redesigned from the ground up. Rather than relying on standard algorithms, we built TypeCite to respond to the nuances of academic style. TypeCite does not simply scan databases to see what citations it can find; it analyzes those citations to make sure that they are accurate and complete. This takes the strain out of citing, allowing students to focus on the difficult tasks of writing and researching.

We also wanted TypeCite to be as accessible as possible, so we have made it 100% free for anyone to use. Our paid service, TypeCite Boost, lets subscribers benefit from additional features, but our freely available software allows anybody to cite their sources with accuracy, confidence, and consistency.