How to Cite an Entire Website in APA

In APA style, you don’t have to list the entire website in the reference list. Instead, just mention the website’s name and its web address in your paper. This straightforward method keeps things clear and concise in your academic writing, following the APA guidelines. This approach streamlines the website citation process, maintaining clarity and conciseness in your scholarly work.

Consistency is Key: Ensure a uniform approach when citing websites throughout your paper. Consistent formatting enhances the readability of your document and underscores your commitment to scholarly accuracy.

Clarity in Website Mention: When introducing a website in your text, be clear and concise. Readers should easily grasp the source of your information without ambiguity.

Comprehensive Website Citations: If your work involves citing specific information from a website, be diligent in determining the reference type (e.g., report, webpage). Apply the appropriate APA format to provide a comprehensive and accurate citation.


Begin by incorporating the name of the website into your narrative. Make sure it is clear and concise. Immediately following the website mention, provide the website’s URL enclosed in parentheses.

An early model for online consumer-to-consumer sales was provided by eBay (
Structure (URL of Website).


If your document is intended for an online platform, consider enhancing the user experience by creating a hyperlink directly from the website name to its URL.

As a result, eBay became an early success story during the dot-com bubble.
Structure (Hyperlinked Website Title).


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Remember, the key is to convey that the entire website, rather than a specific portion, contributed to your work. By incorporating these steps, you ensure that your audience can easily trace your information back to its origin, fostering transparency and credibility in your research or project.

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Hannah Berry (Ph.D.)

Hannah Berry has lectured at several colleges and teaches at the WEA. Besides publishing extensively, she has taught citation skills and written multiple style guides.

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