How to Cite Translated Book in MLA

In the MLA style, citing a translated book follows a specific format to ensure clarity and consistency. This guide will walk you through the steps of citing a translated book in MLA, providing examples to make the process easier.

How to Cite Translated Book in MLA


  • Contributors: Begin by listing the names of the contributors, whether they are individual authors, corporate entities, or organizations.
  • Title of the Work: Italicize the title of the work (book, article, etc.) and capitalize major words.
  • Translator’s Name (if applicable): If there is a translator, include their name after the title. Follow the same format as the contributor’s name.
  • Version of the Work (if applicable): If there is a specific version or edition, mention it after the translator’s or editor’s name.
  • Publisher: Provide the name of the publisher after the version.
  • Publication Date: The original publication date of the work.
  • DOI (if applicable): If available, include the DOI to facilitate online source retrieval.

Acknowledge Multiple Translators: If a translated book involves more than one translator, it’s important to acknowledge each contributor in your citation. Include the names of all translators after the title, emphasizing their role in bringing the work into the target language.

Note the Edition of the Translated Book: If the translated book has multiple editions, it’s essential to specify the edition in your citation. Mentioning the edition helps readers access the exact version of the translated work you are referencing.¬†


Let’s go through a couple of examples to illustrate the citation format:

Lowe, Paul. The Art of Science. Translated by Mary Johnson, 2nd ed., Acme Publishing, 2024. doi:10.1234/artofscience.
Author Surname, Author First Name(s) &/or Initial(s). Title of Book. Translated by Translator First Name(s) &/or Initial(s) Translator Surname, Version, Publisher, Publication Date. doi.
Pepper, Lucy, and Mark Johnsons. Exploring the Universe. Translated by Stuart Lee, Galaxy Books, 2024.
Author 1 Surname, Author 1 First Name(s) &/or Initial(s), and Author 2 First Name(s) &/or Initial(s) Author 2 Surname. Title of Book. Translated by Translator First Name(s) &/or Initial(s) Translator Surname, Publisher, Publication Date. 


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Tomas Elliott (Ph.D.)

Tomas Elliott is an assistant Professor of English at Northeastern University London. His research specialisms include the history of theatre and film, European modernism, world literature, film adaptation, transmedia studies and citation practices. He read English and French Literature at Trinity College, Oxford, before completing a PhD in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the University of Pennsylvania.

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