How to Cite Facebook in MLA

The MLA format for citing Facebook posts follows a specific structure designed to ensure clarity and consistency. Essential elements in this citation style encompass the author’s name, description of the post, the identification of the social platform, the date of posting, and the URL.

How to Cite Facebook in MLA

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  • Author or User Name: Include the full name of the author or the account name if an individual’s name is not available.
  • Description of Post: Titles are placed in quotation marks.
  • Label Facebook (in italics): Italicize the label Facebook to indicate the platform.
  • Date of Post: Include the date the post was published, using the abbreviated month format.
  • URL: Copy the URL in full from the browser, excluding http:// or https://. Do not use URLs created by shortening services.

Include Descriptive Post Titles: If the Facebook post has a standalone title, make sure to include it accurately in your citation. A descriptive title enhances the clarity of your citation and helps readers understand the content of the post more effectively.

Capture Accurate Date: Ensure that you record the accurate date of the Facebook post. Including the publication date is essential for creating a precise citation. 

Include Emojis: If the Facebook post includes emojis, include them within quotation marks as part of the description.


Queen_of_Memes. “When life gives you lemons, make orange juice. Stand out in a world full of citrus clichés! 🍋🍊 #FruityRebellion #SourPower.” Facebook, 3 Dec. 2024,
ProcrastinationNation. “Finals week: Where coffee becomes a food group. ☕️😴 #StudentLife #ProcrastinationStation.” Facebook, 2 Jan. 2024,
Ramirez, Evelyn. “Pizza: The Only Love Triangle I Want 🍕❤️.” Facebook, 3 Aug. 2024, 
Author or Account Name. “Description of Post.” Facebook, Day Abbreviated Month Year of Post, URL.

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Tomas Elliott (Ph.D.)

Tomas Elliott is an assistant Professor of English at Northeastern University London. His research specialisms include the history of theatre and film, European modernism, world literature, film adaptation, transmedia studies and citation practices. He read English and French Literature at Trinity College, Oxford, before completing a PhD in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the University of Pennsylvania.

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