How to Cite ChatGPT in MLA

Citing sources is crucial to give credit to the original creators of ideas and information. This article offers a step by step guide on citing ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, in the MLA format.

  • Works Cited Entry: Enclose the ChatGPT prompt in quotation marks, including AI model, version date, developer, date received, and general URL.
  • In-Text Citation: Use a shortened prompt (the first phrase in quotation marks) consistently in your text, aligning with the Works Cited entry.

How to Cite ChatGPT in MLA

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When citing a response from ChatGPT, the Works Cited entry should include the following elements:

  • Title of the Prompt: Enclose the specific prompt you used in quotation marks.
  • Name of the AI Model: Write ChatGPT after the prompt in italics.
  • Version Date: Include the version date of ChatGPT you used, which is usually mentioned at the bottom of the response.
  • Developer: Specify OpenAI as the developer of ChatGPT.
  • Date Received: Provide the date when you received the response from ChatGPT.
  • General URL: Include the general URL of the ChatGPT tool.
“List the benefits and risks of widespread automation in the workforce” prompt. ChatGPT, 1 Dec. version, OpenAI, 2 Jan. 2024,
“Text of prompt” prompt. ChatGPT, Day Abbreviated Month version, OpenAI, Day Abbreviated Month Year,

Consistency for Accuracy: Maintain uniformity between the Works Cited entry and in-text citation to ensure accurate and proper MLA format for ChatGPT references.

Use Descriptive Prompts: When formulating prompts for ChatGPT, opt for clear and descriptive language. A well crafted prompt ensures that the response you receive is relevant and aligns with your research needs. This not only enhances the quality of the information but also simplifies the citation process. 


When you write your paper, put an in-text citation where you use words from ChatGPT. This reference should be shorten to the first phrase of the ChatGPT prompt, enclosed in quotes.

Example The discussion surrounding automation’s impact on the workforce is extensive “List the benefits and risks”.
Structure “Text of prompt”

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Hannah Berry (Ph.D.)

Hannah Berry has lectured at several colleges and teaches at the WEA. Besides publishing extensively, she has taught citation skills and written multiple style guides.

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