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How to use Titles in the APA Style

This article aims to provide an understanding of APA style capitalization rules, particularly focusing on the usage of sentence case […]

APA & MLA Formats: Title vs. Sentence Case

American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Language Association (MLA), use specific conventions for capitalizing titles. Understanding the nuances between […]

New Study on Students’ Plagiarism Views

Nearly all students surveyed have lost points for incorrect citations. The most common citation errors that students lose points for […]

How to use Titles in the MLA Style

This article aims to provide a detailed guide of MLA title guidelines, offering insights into the effective use of titles […]

How to Cite an Entire Website in APA

In APA style, you don’t have to list the entire website in the reference list. Instead, just mention the website’s […]

How to Cite a Website in the MLA Format

Citing an entire website becomes pertinent when referencing the overall content or when the site’s material forms the basis of […]

How to Format Various MLA Contributors

In MLA citation style, understanding how to format various contributor types is crucial. Each contributor, be it an author, editor, […]

How to Cite a Webpage in the MLA Format

Creating a comprehensive and standardized MLA citation for webpages involves integrating specific elements. Here is a quick guide that encompasses […]

How to use Different Contributors in APA

In APA format, citations include various contributors, including authors, editors, translators, reviewers, directors, performers, and more. This article will provide […]

How to Create APA Citations for Webpages

This guide will provide you with a detailed understanding of APA citation for webpages, covering various author types, organization/group authors, […]

How to Create APA Social Media Citations

This article will guide you through the process of creating APA citations for various types of social media content. ELEMENTS […]

How to Cite YouTube Videos in MLA

Citing YouTube videos is becoming increasingly common in academic and professional writing. To maintain the integrity and credibility of your […]